I am interested in human-centered design as it relates to product design, industrial design, and engineering. I love to make things with my hands, iterate variations on form, think critically about a person’s situation and needs, and use my analytic engineering skills to make a better, stronger product.

Academic Interests: design, human factors, engineering, psychology, music, French

Technical Skills:

  • Computer programs: Solidworks; AutoCAD; Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, and Illustrator; Microsoft Excel
  • Machining: laser cutting, power tools, sheet metal working tools, basic electronics
  • Quick prototyping: physical (cardboard, exacto knife, etc.), 3D printing (Makerbot)
  • Coding: MATLAB, C, Python and Arduino
  • Sketching, Iterating ideas

Research Skills: project management, data collection, open-data coding, interviews, mood boards

Relevant Coursework:

Engineering Design: Introduction to Engineering, Innovation, and Design, Appropriate Technology for the Developing World, Computer Aided Engineering (Solidworks modeling and analysis), Musical Acoustics and Instrument Design

Core Engineering: Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Strength & Deformation

Art: Introductory Graphic Design, Drawing Architecture

Computer Science/EE: Intelligent Robotics, Introduction to Computing for Engineers (Matlab and C), Introduction to Electronics

Psychology: Introduction to Psychology, Topics in Infant Studies

Other interests: baking, singing