Ario LED Lighting Competition

The Ario Lighting Competition, a student design competition, was a challenge to design light fixture to accompany a new LED light bulb. This bulb is different from other LEDs in that it will change color temperature throughout the day to be energizing (blue) during the day and calming (red) at night. The fixture was to be modern, innovative, and allow for use as both an ambient and direct light source.

In my solution, I chose to keep the light source fixed, reducing internal complexity, and instead use a mirror mounted on the end of an arm to direct the light. By manipulating the reflection of the light, rather than the source itself, the lamp has flexability in use and also allows easy adjustments by the user. When pointed horizontally, the mirror reflects light downwards at a work surface, ideal for reading, writing, and other tasks. When pointed vertically, the mirror reflects light back at the adjacent wall, throwing ambient light. The user can simply rotate the mirror to direct the light to their desired position. I chose the industrial-inspired trellis design to be sturdy and transparent, like the functionality of the lamp itself.

These renders and drawings were created in my first two weeks as an intern at Studio Murmur during the summer of 2014.

A working drawing detailing the features of the lamp: CJ_DRAWING4.PDF