Juicy Salif and KitchenAid

Design Study

My goal in this project was to gain insight into what makes certain ubiquitous objects uniquely popular. I love cooking, so kitchen appliances seemed a perfect set of tools to explore.

I drafted by hand and modeled in Solidworks two iconic industrial designs: the KitchenAid Mixer and the Juicy Salif juicer by Phillipe Starck for Alessi.

Structural Analysis

I used my Solidworks model of the Juicy Salif (shown above as a rendering) and finite element analysis to simulate the load created when juicing an orange.

First, I measured this force by juicing an orange on top of a scale to measure the typical force applied during juicing. Then, I simulated this applied force in Solidworks, leading to the following result. The juicer can easily support this force, even with its delicate three legs.

juicysalif_alessi_starck_staticanalysis2-force and torque_meshrefinement-Image-2


Finally, to play with the design, I designed another version of the juicer, this time one which would rest on the top of a glass, rather than extending over it. This version could be used across a wider range of vessels, including those with wide mouths, such as measuring cups.


This study was completed as a final project for two courses I took, Drawing Architecture and Computer Aided Design, which allowed me to combine my interests with the skills I had learned in each.